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General Appearance & MannerismsEdit

Lauren looks like, and classifies herself, as a "cheetahfaun". She has the general anatomy and appearance of one's run-of-the-mill human, but on the other hand she has a good number of bits that don't fit. She has fur in a good number of places, including from the waist down, her forearms and hands, and of course her ears and tail. Her entire body, with the exception of her face, is covered in the splotchy spots of a king cheetah. Although they've been tucked away as of late, Lauren also has a pair of wings that are yellow and spotted but end in white at the very edges. The oddest piece of her however is a clockwork blue tail that has three rows of spikes. Obviously this isn't natural, and any attempts to point this out will normaly get one a look of "Oh no, really, Captain Obvious?"

When it comes down to her attire, Lauren's pretty simple. Give her pants and a tunic and she'll be happy. As of late she has dressed a little more "girly" with sleeveless tops, but not by much. Shoes are generally shunned unless a cold winter storm blows by. There's a belt around her waist that's held down by a plethora of items, including two knives and a sword, a coin purse, and an assortment of knicknacks.

As for how she acts, Lauren is generally a friendly but not completely polite person. She'll generally act kind to those who have gotten into her good graces, and everyone else seems to be treated neutrally. Lauren has an awful habit of cursing frequently, and she'll drink and mock and act with enough vulgarity to make an etiquette teacher faint from shock. On the flip side of all of that, she acts just like a cheetah or domesticated cat; one can hear purring, yowling, growling, "chirping" from her, and it isn't too unusual to catch her cleaning herself when left to her own devices.

Abilities & PowersEdit

Lauren is a psychic, which she can thank her mother's side of the family for. She predominately practices and exhibits telekinesis and psychokinesis powers, although she does on occasion dabble in telepathy and teleporation. An incident in Northkeep years ago left her with an involuntary ability to detect ghosts with a radius of up to ten feet away, but this really isn't anything too special of fantastic. Being a psychic with a powerful aura, she can also manipulate that as well into everything from protective barriers to cute little energy-based animals for entertainment.

Thanks to the more "animalistic" parts of her, she also can obtain a top speed of 25mph when running.

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