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All that is known about Gilex's life prior to coming to Northkeep is that he had been a travelling bard for quite a while now, and that he had come from a far-off land that had but a minor population of furres.


It was a late authum evening when Gilex first arrived at the now lost keep of Northkeep, guided there by stories and a lust of adventure. He seemed rather skittish and nervous around the several special creatures that inhabited the keep.

Not very soon after the bard arrived the keep launched an expedition into the surrounding lands. Eager to learn of the place he found himself in now, and of course following the same scent of travel that initially brought him to the Keep, he signed up and accompanied what he calls "great heroes like in the tales!"

The journey was tedious and there was some fighting, in which he attempted to mingle himself but didn't make much of an impression. Some had not even noticed the magic he had actually used, after the fight though the expedition discovered something rather bad, and retreated to the safe walls of the keep.

His life afterwards there was pretty linear, most notable he never seemed to even think about leaving, although in all truth, he was pretty much snowed in as well. He earned his pay by playing music and telling tales in the Yeti. Over this time of period the bard also seemed to develop something of a peculiar relationship with a resident named Takeo Shodo. First Takeo was treated pretty much how Gilex treated anyone else, but over time something of a dislike for Takeo seemed to mysteriously form and the bard stayed away from the mysterious man as well as he could.

This is not to say, his life in the keep was uneventful, he had to suffer from tedious and terrible plague that swooped over the keep and only barely survived.

Gilex had not been in the keep for a very long time, but when it was attacked and destroyed he too was torn over it. In tears, he chose to run away from the chaos



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